Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s monstrous roster is just hours away from being complete, with the release of final fighter Sora and the game’s Version 13.0.0. update both imminent.

Revealed during the special Smash Bros. Direct earlier this month, Sora arrives in-game on Monday 18th October in the US, and on Tuesday 19th October in Europe. While an exact time hasn’t been given, the timezone differences suggest that the new content will arrive somewhere between 4pm and midnight PT today (which equates to 12am – 8am CEST on Tuesday morning).

Sora joins the party alongside a new batch of Mii Fighter costumes which includes Doom Slayer; we’ve already been treated to a look at Sora’s stage, music, Final Smash, and Kirby transformation ahead of time. Sora’s arrival also means that the game will be updated to its latest version, so make sure to save those replays before the update drops.

Sora Smash

So here we are, with less than 24 hours until the Smash roster is all done and dusted. How do you feel now that it’s coming to an end? Is this the greatest character lineup any game has ever seen? Share your thoughts with us below.

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