Finding research books at either Holly Hedges or Pleasant Park is one of the challenges you can complete in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.

To complete this challenge you need to hunt down eight research books, which have been hidden within both Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park.

Completing this Fortnite challenge will reward you with a good amount of XP, which will bring you closer to unlocking more Battle Pass skins.

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Research book locations in Fortnite at a glance

You can find the research books for this Fortnite challenge in both Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park, which are named locations on the Fortnite map.

There are a total of eight research books – five in Holly Hedges and three in Pleasant Park – and you need to find them all to complete the challenge.

Here is an overview of the five research book locations in Holly Hedges:

Research book locations in Holly Hedges.

Below you can find an overview of the three research book locations in Pleasant Park:

Research book locations in Pleasant Park.

Remember – you need to find all eight research books to complete this challenge.

Both Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park are, however, popular loot hunting locations, especially at the beginning of a match, so, if you’re planning on trying to win the match, we recommend splitting this challenge over multiple matches.

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Holly Hedges research book locations in Fortnite explained

There are five research books hidden in Holly Hedges for this Fortnite challenge and here’s where to find them.

One research book can be found on the floor just inside the house by the main entrance to Holly Hedges.


A second research book can be found next to the bookcase in the yellow house in the north-western part of Holly Hedges.


You can find a research book in the north-eastern house by searching the room past the kitchen.


Within the house on the eastern edge of town, you can find a research book next to the fireplace on the ground floor.


The final research book in Holly Hedges can be found next to the bookcase in the southern house.


Pleasant Park research book locations in Fortnite explained

Pleasant Park has three research books located on its grounds and you can find them at the following locations.

The first research book can be found between the bookcase and the fireplace of the middle house of the three found in the northern section of Pleasant Park.


Another research book is located on the white bricked house on the western side of the town next to the bookcase.


The final research book can be found in the house directly to the south of where you found the second; simply search the ground floor of this house till you find a bookcase and the research book sitting next to it.


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