If you are into collectible card games (CCG), then Legends of Runeterra is surely high on your list of games to play. Riot Games’ CCG has gone strong since its April release, and that success is set to continue as substantial updates are on the way. Riot has detailed more game modes, seasonal events, rewards, and cards that will come to Legends of Runeterra in June and beyond.

An exciting year ahead

In a new video, executive producer Jeff Jew and design director Andrew Yip show off the first major update for Legends of Runeterra. Arriving on June 26, this update will add a competitive mode called Gauntlets. Time-limited and usually occurring on weekends, Gauntlets will introduce players to different deck-building rules. Not only will this force players to change up their approach, but it should also prove educational as well. Your theorycrafting will only improve with each Gauntlet.

The first Gauntlet will start on June 26, serving as a test run with standard rules. Once everything smoothens out, Riot will add a second Gauntlet, where you can only build decks with no duplicates.

Following that, Legends of Runeterra will get a new Lab mode. This will arrive on July 8. This mode will also change up the rules, but rather than stoking the competitive fire, Lab mode is all about experimentation. While details are scarce, Lab mode will “involves unusual champion team ups, unpredictable strategies, and an accelerated start to the action.”

More paths to rewards

Alongside the new modes, July will also see Events. Special seasonal events will bring a specific theme to items, quests, and even Gauntlets and Labs. Players will earn special rewards by playing. They can also purchase an optional battle pass with additional rewards.

Finally, August will see new cards added to Legends of Runeterra. The number is a mystery, but we do know new cards will be added every two months. A new Region will also release every six months. The Region expansion will then become the focus of the next three card waves. “Our goal is to release more cards, more frequently, creating back-to-back waves of new mechanics and champions,” a press release by Riot read.

Of course, there will be constant support as well. You can expect to see smaller updates that address the deck builder, leaderboards, spectator modes, and more cosmetics. Riot also has tournaments and a single-player mode in the pipeline.

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