Hopoo Studios shared some major news today about its third-person roguelike shooter in active development. On August 11, Risk of Rain 2 will fully release on Steam, marking the end of the Early Access period. The release will coincide with the next planned update, appropriately dubbed the “Launch Update.”

Risk of Rain 2 has been in development for several years now, and first entered Early Access back in March of 2019. The game features unique characters with different class abilities that can be made increasingly effective through proper teamwork.

The Captain will be the tenth character to join the roster, and will indeed arrive on launch day. The addition of the Captain is credited to the community, which chose him by popular vote. He wields a shotgun-rifle combo and is perfect for controlling the battlefield.

Of course, there’s no better way to test out this new character than with a proper challenge. The Launch Update will also add the Moon as a new stage to conquer. Lunar monsters will stand in between you and the final boss at the end of the mission. If you find yourself needing help, call in support via the upcoming server browser feature. The tool lets players create their own dedicated servers with difficulty controls, rule voting, password protection, and more.

Risk Of Rain 2 fully releases

Release a rain of hot lead down on your enemies

Gameplay options are a major focus in Risk of Rain 2, and extend far past creating custom game settings. The game now boasts over 110 weapons and modifiers in its arsenal, including the magma ball-spewing Molten Perforator. The Super Massive Leech is another coming addition that works to drain enemy health into yours.

These additions and more arrive on August 11 when Risk of Rain 2 fully releases on Steam. The game will retail in full for $24.99 USD. However, new players can still get in on the Early Access price of $19.99 until then.

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