Risk of Rain 2 is the sequel to Hopoo Games’ roguelike hit, and it has amassed quite a following after releasing as part of Steam’s early access program last April 2019. Featuring brutal difficulty, challenges, randomized loot, and a lot of deaths, Risk of Rain 2 promises to provide you a lot of fun and frustrating moments. This guides and features hub helps you with in-game mechanics, unlocking characters, artifacts, item choices, tips, and more.

Risk of Rain 2: Guides and features hub

Skills 2.0 updateRisk of Rain 2‘s major update which gave characters selectable loadouts.

Hidden Realms update – Another major update that added various locales for you to explore.

Artifacts update – You can find artifacts that’ll add modifiers prior to the start of your runs.

Restoring lost profiles or saves – It’s actually possible to lose all your progress and unlocked characters due to an unfortunate mishap with your profile. Here’s how you can restore that.

Character unlocks – Here’s how to unlock the first few characters that were made available initially. You’ve got MUL-T, Artificer, Huntress, Engineer, and Mercenary.

Unlocking REX – This half-robot and half-plant hybrid can be unlocked once you reach the Abyssal Depths, but only if you complete the “Power Plant” challenge.

Unlocking Loader – This tough, mechanized unit can grapple onto hard to reach platforms, but you’ll have to finish the “Guidance Offline” challenge first.

Unlocking Acrid – This reptilian monster debuffs enemies with poisonous toxins, but the “To Be Left Alone” challenge has to be done first.

How to defeat Aurelionite – Enter the Gilded Coast and defeat this secret boss.

The best items, Lunar item picks, and the Bazaar Between Time – With a plethora of items to choose from, you’ll want to know which ones will benefit you all throughout your adventure.

Character skills and loadouts guide – Each character in Risk of Rain 2 has unique abilities. Additional skills can also be unlocked once you meet certain requirements.

Artifacts codes and modifiers guide – Here’s how to find secret areas with artifacts and their effects/modifiers.

Risk of Rain 2 is available on Steam as part of its early access program. You can purchase it now for $19.99. You can see the game’s roadmap above, and it’s expected to officially launch sometime during the spring of 2020.

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