Plenty of gamers love a good roguelite, and Cellar Door Games delivered splendidly back in 2013 with Rogue Legacy. Now, it’s hard at work on Rogue Legacy 2, which was revealed in April, and players hoping to have the game early will get their wishes granted. In a new trailer, the studio has announced that Rogue Legacy 2 will arrive in Early Access on July 23. Consumers can choose from either Steam or the Epic Games Store for their next adventure.

A long road ahead

Like most other Early Access titles, Rogue Legacy 2 will get more content in the march towards its full release. According to the devs, taking community feedback into account is integral to the game’s development.

“Before the launch of the first Rogue Legacy we received an immense number of ideas from the community through social media, emails, and our Steam Community forums. Your feedback resulted in new traits, balance tweaks and improved stability. We also had diehard fans creating incredible mods and content that kept Rogue Legacy‘s flame burning,” Cellar Door shared as part of the Steam Early Access FAQ.

“All of this involvement helped steer RL1 in a better direction, and we feel that officially bringing Rogue Legacy 2 into Early Access is the next natural step.”

This will involve major updates every two months. That could mean adding new classes, NPCs, or even new biomes to explore and fight through. In between the big drops, Cellar Door will make smaller tweaks. Traits, spells, rooms, equipment, and more will be easier to push out. These updates will bring more content to Rogue Legacy 2 while the team continuously works on bug fixes.

As for how long will Early Access last, the current plan is for it to take about a year. Of course, Cellar Door is flexible about the timeline, and it wants to deliver the best game it can. If you wish to jump in early, the launch price will be $20. This will eventually rise to $30, so if you’re already interested, you’ll want to grab it early.

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