Over the last six months, Jagex has seen both RuneScape‘s lead designer David Osborne and executive producer Ryan Warden step down from their roles. Osborne’s departure was particularly surprising, as he had been working on RuneScape since 2006. The UK-based developer has since filled these roles with ex-game designer Mod Jack and the newly appointed Mod Keeper. This change in personnel has been accompanied by an equal change in communication with Jagex revealing RuneScape‘s first-ever content roadmap. The roadmap was revealed towards the end of a recent developer live stream. It details what updates players can expect for Spring, Summer, and Autumn of this year. The two biggest updates revealed that are coming to RuneScape are the Zamorak Boss and Wilderness Reborn.

As per God Wars Dungeon tradition, the Elder God Wars will receive a fifth and final boss. This time around, though, it isn’t a follower or a servant of a god that you’ll be fighting, it’s the real deal. The god of chaos himself has stepped out of line, and it’s your job to take him down. More details as to what Zamorak has done will be revealed in a quest also planned for Summer 2022.


Perhaps the biggest surprise of the roadmap is that RuneScape is getting a Wilderness Reborn update. The iconic PvP region has a lot of history but has dropped in popularity, as players prefer PvM content over PvP. Jagex knows this and intends to rework the Wilderness to be opt-in PvP with a PvM focus. This, alongside the previously announced Death Cost rework, is coming in the fall.

In the meantime…

The major updates for Spring have already released, but there are a couple of smaller updates still planned. New Fletching and Firemaking training stations are being added to the new Dream of Iaia skilling region. Also, ironmen accounts will be able to train Dungeoneering together for the first time since the game mode released in 2014.

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