Ahh the A320 chipset. It’s not exactly the chipset of choice for most gaming rigs, but they can run a low to mid-range CPU as well as any other AM4 motherboard. Thanks to Tom’s Hardware, news comes that Asus and Gigabyte have enabled Ryzen 5000 series support on many of their A320 boards. This means A320 users have an upgrade path that could bring large performance gains, while skipping the need to buy a new motherboard.

A320 was always a budget chipset. They tend to include little, if any VRM cooling and they don’t have the connectivity and features of B350 and X370 boards. But, thanks to the low power characteristics of the Zen architecture, you could have run something like a Ryzen 1700 with a high end GPU and not lose much performance. One of the many ways to keep the cost of the boards down was to incorporate low capacity BIOS chips. Given the huge number of AM4 CPUs, not all of them can be supported. To get around this, manufacturers appear to have dropped support for Bristol Ridge processors. These are pre-Ryzen AM4 APUs so it’s unlikely that support for them will be missed.

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