Scavengers Studio creative director accused of sexual and verbal harassment

Scavengers Studio creative director accused of sexual and verbal harassment

Scavengers Studio is a Montréal-based indie studio with around 40 employees that made a big splash at the Game Awards in December with the announcement of Season. This narrative-driven adventure game is about a young woman bicycling across a surrealistic landscape, documenting her journey and the artifacts she finds to prevent them from being lost in a mysterious and impending apocalypse. But despite Season’s serene vibes, several employees have come forward to accuse Scavengers Studio co-founders, creative director Simon Darveau and CEO Amélie Lamarche, of fostering a hostile and sexist working environment.

A report by, who spoke to nine current and past employees, details multiple specific incidents of sexual and verbal harassment dating back to 2018. These allegations also describe a generally hostile work environment—especially for women—where employees would be publicly degraded, yelled at, and objectified. In one such incident, which happened in 2019, Simon Darveau allegedly got drunk at a company party and groped several female employees. One of the employees groped by Darveau resigned the following Monday, while another left the company soon after. Other accusations include Darveau openly berating employees, making inappropriate remarks about their appearance, and even holding grudges and refusing to talk to employees who Darveau felt wronged him for weeks on end.

They said, ‘You can talk to us,’ but in the end everybody knows you can’t really say anything against the founders, otherwise you’re fucked.

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