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Wilabod’s Secure This is a new game on Android about defending your home from an invasive burglar long enough for the police to catch him.

It’s a tower defense game where you only need to defend against one enemy, but he cannot be defeated in the traditional sense as is common with games of this genre. Instead, you have to keep him trapped long enough for the police to arrive and arrest him.

There are currently 24 levels in Secure This, each with their own varying degrees of complexity, and Wilabod is designing four more to be added in at a later date. Each level has you set up a range of turrets in such places that they can use to trap the thief, but they also cost money to keep running, and so you must optimise your strategy to ensure the thief does not escape while also hoping not to run out of cash. The turrets can also be upgraded for extra efficiency, but this also costs money to do.

One big focus of the game is on its cute graphics, particularly in the way each character is portrayed as a different animal. The thief is a big bad wolf, your boss is an owl, the shop is run by a parrot, and the police officer is a pig.

Wilabod is a one-person team comprised of Will Bradley. Until it came to making Secure This, Bradley was not a game developer until he learned how to program in Unity during the COVID-19 lockdown.

You can download Secure This from the Google Play store for Android. It’s a free to play title with no adverts, but there are in-app purchases.
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