See Costumes and Disguises Galore in Pokémon the Series Episodes on Pokémon TV

When it comes to
costumes and disguises, Ash Ketchum knows that they’re not just for Halloween.
Throughout his journeys in Pokémon the Series, Ash frequently deals with
people and Pokémon dressed up to hide their identity. This is the perfect time
of the year to check out some examples of this costumed chaos right now on
Pokémon TV.

Team Rocket is notorious for elaborate disguises
that they usually employ as part of their latest scheme, and you’ll certainly
see them pulling off tricks while disguised as the likes of Professor Oak—or
even Ash and his friends. But don’t worry, our heroes get to wear some
elaborate costumes, too! Whether it’s for a
movie role, to
substitute for another Trainer in battle, to
star in a stage play, or to
maintain a secret identity as a Battle Royal champion,
there are plenty of opportunities to don a fun disguise. And let’s not forget the
Gourgeist Festival, where everyone dresses in Pokémon costumes!

See what fun disguises you can spot (and maybe
get some inspiration for one of your own) by tuning in to Pokémon TV for the
next two weeks! Remember that you can watch Pokémon TV here on or by using the Pokémon TV mobile app.

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