Humble Games has revealed Signalis, an upcoming horror game heavily inspired by classic ’90s titles. Although an exact release date hasn’t been given, it is expected to launch sometime in fall 2022. Those interested can add it to their Steam wishlist in order to not miss out when it becomes available.

Signalis is the first game to be developed by rose-engine, an indie developer based in Germany. The studio consists of just two employees: Yuri Stern and Barbara Wittmann. These two are responsible for all of the game’s illustrations and features. They have previously worked on Ascend, a short platformer about loss, and Coffin Counseling, another platformer featuring gravity manipulation.


Rose-engine has been working on Signalis for quite a while and posted the first teaser back in June 2018. It takes advantage of a unique “striking pixel-art anime aesthetic,” while delivering slow-paced atmosphere-focused gameplay. As its presentation would suggest, this is very much an old-school horror game. That means that it won’t be to everyone’s taste, but it’ll be good fun for the right person.

Signalis is currently being shown off at PAX East as part of Humble Games’ booth. Those at the event can try out a playable demo at booth #13079. Although, it is a horror game, so playing it at a loud public event probably won’t do it justice. The other games also featured at this booth are Moonscars, Chinatown Detective Agency, The Iron Oath, Unpacking, Unsighted, and The Wild at Heart.

Humble Games’ growth

Humble Bundle began publishing games in 2017 under the alias Humble Games. Since then, it has helped fund and create several award-winning titles. Many of these are unique indie experiences that might have struggled to gain traction in such a competitive industry without Humble’s assistance. We can only hope that Signalis continues that trend and becomes another great project backed by Humble Games.

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