Japanese video game magazine Nintendo Dream will reportedly reveal a Switch game “that everyone will enjoy” in its upcoming September issue. This information was teased in its latest edition this month.

The source – Nintendo Everything – points out that “while Nintendo Dream’s context indicates that this is a single announcement, Japanese doesn’t easily differentiate between plural and singular”. This is all that’s been teased so far – so what could it be? One game, or perhaps more? There also happens to be a certain anniversary taking place in the month of September – right, we’ll stop now!

Apart from this teaser, the magazine has announced it will be publishing an interview with the Japanese voice actor of Claude from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

We’ve heard magazines hype up announcements in the past like this. One occasion that immediately comes to mind is when Famitsu teased a “revolutionary” scoop tied to Sega that ended up being a Japan-only arcade service/platform known as ‘Fog Gaming’. In other words, try not to get too excited – and for all we know, this reveal may be shared ahead of schedule.

If we hear or see anything else regarding this Switch game Nintendo Dream is teasing, we’ll be sure to let you know. What would you like to see and what do you think it could be? Take a wild guess down below.

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