The era of pixellated games may be gone by and large, but the nostalgia and love for the period remain strong. The likes of The Messenger have captured plenty of attention, and it would likely not be possible if Yacht Club Games hadn’t blazed the trail back in 2014 with Shovel Knight.

The indie studio has spent many years supporting the action platformer with content, and more is set to come with spinoffs aplenty. We also got a glimpse at Cyber Shadow back in February, bringing us more platforming goodness. However, what will be most intriguing bit is that Yacht Club Games could be working on something in 3D, if a recent job listing is to be believed.

Staffing up

As spotted by GameSpot, Yacht Club Games has posted a listing on the Gamasutra job board in search of a mid to senior gameplay programmer. The hook is to work “on a new 3D project.” This position will bolster the studio’s 3D team, as well as help on their custom engine. The new hire must also be proficient in C and C++ programming languages for both 2D and 3D development.

Unfortunately, the rest of the listing seems to be standard fare. It holds no further indications as to what this entails for Yacht Club Games’ next move.

A likely complementary position for a 3D technical artist is also up for grabs. It would seem that the studio is definitely ramping up in order to move on to another dimension. Could the future of Shovel Knight be in 3D? That would be an exciting prospect to consider.

However, in the meantime, fans can hold themselves over with the numerous Shovel Knight expansions or even get into multiplayer fights with Shovel Knight Showdown. The new Shovel Knight Dig is also being developed by Yacht Club Games in conjunction with Nitrome.

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