Sloclap, the Paris-based developer behind Absolver is back. With a vengeance. Not Sloclap‘s vengeance, though. Another guy’s vengeance. The third-person action brawler Sifu was just announced, and will head to PC via the Epic Games Store exclusively later this year. I, for one, feel the hype for this one, as the trailer makes the game look like an absolute blast. Dudes get their heads slammed into tables and are beaten senseless by the hallway-full. Is that even a word?

Sifu is all about a martial arts practitioner who had that thing done to him that happens in all of these stories. Namely, his entire family was killed by an assassination squad and he’s dedicated his life to practicing the martial arts in the name of sweet vengeance. His quest will take him to such classic action game settings as suburban hallways, the hallways of buildings, and probably some dingy hallways in the middle of a gang-ridden city. I don’t even know what I’ll do if you end up fighting people in a public restroom. I sure hope they recorded the sound of someone smashing porcelain.


Back from the almost dead

The game is aiming to be quite challenging, and the way you position your character is said to be of the utmost importance in regards to keeping him alive. Hopefully, there’ll be parry mechanics as he dismantles an enemy crew member by member until he’s the only one left standing in the hallway that this hypothetical fight takes place in.

Set in a Chinese city,  your character has access to an amulet that revives you on death — so maybe it’s got Souls-like elements too? Who knows? Speculation. Each respawn ages the protagonist, much like in Chronos. But hopefully better than in that game, though. Take a look at the trailer and see all the vicious beatings yourself.

Sifu will release on PC via the Epic Games Store. It currently doesn’t have a release date.

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