Invigorate your Pokémon Masters team with some of the most
iconic figures in the world of Pokémon. Scout an incredible sync pair featuring
the Champion Wallace and his iconic Milotic, and experience an incredible event
showcasing one of the Legendary Pokémon from the Johto region, Ho-Oh. During
this event, you’ll have the opportunity to add Silver & Ho-Oh to your team.
On top of that, this event will coincide with a Legendary Event Log-In Bonus that
will award up to 3,900 gems!

The newest legendary event, Pure Hearts and Rainbow Wings, not
only stars Ho-Oh, but also rival Trainers from Pokémon Gold and Pokémon
, Ethan and Silver. Pure Hearts and Rainbow Wings will feature a
revamp to legendary events that will continue for all future events. Collect prize
coins to earn special rewards from the prize box! You can obtain area info featuring
the new sync pair Silver & Ho-Oh and get training items needed to power
them up.

You’ll have the chance to scout another incredible sync pair
in the Wallace Spotlight Scout. Wallace & Milotic will bring their dazzling
battling style to Pokémon Masters with beautiful, tricky attacks like Grand
Illusion! and Mirror Coat.

Plus, on May 1, the Cynthia Spotlight Poké Fair Scout will
return. In this special spotlight, you’ll be more likely to scout 5★
sync pairs than during regular scouts. You’ll also have a chance to scout the powerful
sync pair Cynthia & Garchomp, which isn’t available during most other

If you haven’t visited Pasio lately, you won’t want to miss
the new Pokémon Egg feature. You can receive an Egg that will hatch into
Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle after several battles, and you can then form
a sync pair with this Pokémon and even give it a nickname! In the future, Eggs
will allow players to add a variety of Pokémon to their team. In addition, players
can now perform a free daily scout once per day and use the new Tactics feature
to select the order that opponents will target their team members. Enjoy your
battles on Pasio, Trainers!

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