Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile esports games in the world. This growth continues after it was announced that Simplicity Easports and Gaming Company are teaming to sublicense a competitive Free Fire team along with Flamengo Esports.

Included in the agreement is a fixed fee of a cool $100,000. It also includes 20% of all advertising and sponsorship revenue earned by the team. Some feel, not only excited for the Free Fire team, but for Flamengo Esports as an organization.

“I am happy to take another step forward in monetizing our Flamengo Esports brand. Flamengo Esports is one of the most visible esports brands in the world with an incredibly engaged fanbase,” Roman Franklin, CEO of Simplicity Esports said. “Broadening our fanbase to additional games and platforms increases the number of potential buyers for products and merchandise, such as previously announced NFTs. We look forward to continuing the growth of Flamengo Esports with additional sublicensing and sponsorship deals throughout 2021.” Simplicity Esports has competed in several major games including PUBG Mobile, Overwatch, and EA Sports titles such as FIFA. The company also owns and runs 13 Esports Gaming Centers where gamers, fans, and newcomers alike can enjoy the world of esports and gaming in a public setting.

Flamengo Esports, which is also owned by Simplicity, is one of the bigger organizations in esports and one of the top ones in Brazil. Aside from Garena Free Fire, Flamengo also competes in League of Legends, which they have been known for some time. They also compete in other sports such as basketball, football and swimming among other things.

The deal with the Free Fire team allows Simplicity Esports to dip their toes in the ever-growing waters of mobile esports. And Free Fire is one the most highly regarded mobile games in the world and is known for its popularity in international countries such as aforementioned Brazil.

The agreement between Simplicity Esports and Flamengo’s Free Fire team is a two-year deal. 


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