Believe it or not, over a month has passed since Six Days in Fallujah mysteriously resurfaced. February’s reveal did show glimpses of in-engine gameplay footage, but not an extended look from the player’s perspective. Now though, IGN has revealed a more thorough look at Six Days in Fallujah gameplay.

One of the most interesting aspects shown here, is the fact that level design is procedurally generated. This means that although the game is based in the single city of Fallujah, layouts, map routes, and enemy placements will differ each time you play. This seems like an odd choice for a game so focused on authenticity. However, it could prove a positive in making the game more varied to play overall.


First person combat is also revealed, although we don’t get too much detail on the specifics. It’s reminiscent of modern day Battlefield combat, with a more grounded style like Insurgency or its sequel, Insurgency: Sandstorm. Battles look tactical and lethal, with squad strategies also coming into play. Players can direct squadmates to perform certain actions, and it looks beneficial to take your time during Six Days in Fallujah firefights.

Recalling what happened

Like previous previews, this latest gameplay reveal sticks to the game’s focus on authenticity. Interlaced with gameplay footage, are clips of soldiers re-telling stories of their time in Fallujah. The game primarily focuses on the American-led operation, although this new look at the game does include local residents discussing proceedings too.

As for the overall structure of the game, it’s still somewhat unclear. Close quarters and tactical missions will make up the bulk of the Six Days in Fallujah gameplay loop, that much is now clear. How big of an impact procedural generation has on the game remains to be seen, but the developers are clearly looking at replay value already.

Six Days in Fallujah is set to launch sometime this year on PC and consoles.

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