I played a few hours of Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer last week, and if you’ve played any other Call of Duty of the past two years, then you basically have too. Like 2020’s Black Ops – Cold War, Vanguard is working from the same blueprint established by 2019’s Modern Warfare. That means Gunsmith and field equipment are back, every mode you’re used to is in there, and the game is destined to share the spotlight with Call of Duty: Warzone for the next year.

Except, unlike Cold War, Vanguard plays almost exactly like Modern Warfare/Warzone so far—everything from the tactical sprint, gun ballistics, perks, and weapon mounting are direct carryovers from Infinity Ward’s last CoD—which makes sense, considering Vanguard runs on an updated version of the same engine. As someone who thought Modern Warfare reinvigorated multiplayer and thinks Cold War is the Call of Duty equivalent of flat soda, it’s a step up from last year.

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