A world-record speedrun achieved during last week’s Summer Games Done Quick charity event was stricken from the record after the runner admitted it was faked. The runner in question is Mekarazium, who ran both Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and its DLC, Blade Wolf, during the marathon. Both runs have since been removed from the Games Done Quick YouTube channel and Mekarazium has been banned from future GDQ events, according to a report by PCGamesN (opens in new tab).

It’s believed the main Revengeance run was performed live and legitimately, but days after the event, Mekarazium came clean to event organizers that their “world-record” 6 minute 55 second run of the Black Wolf DLC (a full 25 seconds faster than Mekarazium’s previous record) was actually a pre-recorded video created by splicing together segments from several speedruns into a single, seemingly perfect run.

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