X-Legend Entertainment has just announced Sprite Fantasia for PC and Mobile. It is an upcoming MMORPG which is also the sequel to the well-known Grand Fantasia Online released over a decade back.

About the game

Sprite Fantasia is an MMORPG that will release on both mobile and PC later this year. The game is an anime MMO that features cute pets and a world full of fairy tales. Anyone who has ever played Grand Fantasia Online will find the name and gameplay familiar, and that is because Sprite Fantasia is a remake to the classic Grand Fantasia Online.
The developers have revealed not many details just yet. For instance, we have no idea how the combat system the game will work. However, we do know players will get to wander around the map in a variety of locales, including mountains, rivers, lakes, and fields. And aside from the relaxation, the locals will call you ‘master’ because you have to help the ‘sprites’ to fight against evil.

Players will also get to build a workshop on a separate portion of the island where they can create different furniture. From there, they can also send the Sprites on tasks to collect materials.

When will Sprite Fantasia release globally?

The developer has not announced an exact release date for Sprite Fantasia, but going by the game’s Steam page, the game should be releasing this fall. So. we can expect to get our hands on the game very soon.
Right now, Sprite Fantasia is available for pre-registration. Android users can pre-register for the game on Google Play, while iOS users can do the same on the game’s official website.

All the players who pre-register for the game will get 100 gems and an exclusive SSR card as a reward when the game launches.
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