If you are a big fan of EVE Online, perhaps the arrival of sci-fi MMORTS Starborne into open beta will interest you. Developed by Iceland-based Solid Clouds, the studio has some alumni that were original developers of EVE. Hopefully, that will mean more good things to come for the strategy title. With its being in development since 2014, and nine open alphas over the last five years, interested players can now jump in for free.

Intergalactic control

Like other grand strategy titles, Starborne will be home to the schemes, plots, and battles of thousands of players. The control of a galaxy is hard to wrest, after all. Actions in Starborne take place in real time, so you can expect an extended period of game time, perhaps even months. Think Firaxis’ Civilization, but with the caveat of thousands of others vying for the galaxy. It is an MMORTS, after all.

Starborne entering open beta calls for a celebration: Solid Clouds is commemorating this move with a brand new map for the game. The developers put it at 825,356 hexes, which is a staggering amount of space. The new map will also feature additional safer starting zones, as well as areas with higher resource counts. This will encourage newcomers to jump into more business opportunities amidst the conflicts of space.

There will also be more victory conditions added to Starborne. You can achieve victory by military conquest, dominating the opposition with industrial superiority, or simply having the most amount of space. The hope is that more players will explore different avenues to victory. Perhaps establishing alliances, secret deals, and space espionage could be your new tools to achieve greatness.

The freedom that Starborne gives players will appeal to those looking to build something for themselves. Starting with only a small space station, it is up to you how you want to drive your expansion into this new frontier of space. Now, you get to try it out for free.

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