Steam Game Festival returns during E3's old timeslot

Steam Game Festival returns during E3’s old timeslot

The E3 cancellation left a sizable hole out of the gaming event schedule this year. However, it appears Valve and Geoff Keighley plan on plugging up that gaping maw with the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition. If this latest festival runs parallel to the last, expect a load of limited-time demos for upcoming games. We’ll know once it begins on June 9.

The last Steam Game Festival happened during the spring, starting in March. More than 40 games, many of them indies, were showcased as free, limited-time demos. For 48 hours, players were able to get their greedy mitts on games like HyperParasite, Carrion, Superliminal, and many more. Keighley announced the return of the Summer Edition of the festival via Twitter earlier today. However, while he mentioned being able to “play more upcoming games from the comfort of your home,” he didn’t say how many exactly.

Continuing in a later Tweet, Keighley said there will be “Much more news will be coming soon about my plans for the Summer — an entirely new way for us all to gather and celebrate gaming in these uncertain times.”

Bring on the games

With that last message in mind, you have to wonder just what else is in store. For the most part, the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition should be similar to prior ones. There should be games to play and sales to take advantage of. I’m sure that many of the games that were supposed to be revealed during E3 2020 will make an appearance as demos. And I’m also hoping we see a little more on Carrion, because that game is gross and awesome.

Regardless, we’ll have to wait and see what else Keighley and Valve have up their sleeves. It should be a different showing with E3 2020 turned to ash. Of course we’ll know once the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition kicks off, which it will from June 9 to 14.

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