Here’s something you might not have expected – Dragon Ball FighterZ is getting another DLC character. The announcement of the ‘Lab Coat’ form of Android 21 was announced this weekend during Jump Festa 2022.

The ‘Majin’ version of Android 21 was already a playable fighter in the game, and the character is a collaborative effort between Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama and Arc System Works. The Lab Coat version of the character will be coming soon.

This announcement follows on from FighterZ Pass 3 – which contained Gogeta, Goku, Kefla, Master Roshi and Super Baby 2.

In somewhat related Jump Festa 2022 news, the upcoming movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero locked in a Japanese release date of 22nd April 2022. Here’s the teaser trailer:

Are you looking forward to Android 21 (Lab Coat) in Dragon Ball FighterZ? How about the new movie? Comment below.

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