Surviving Mars sees new life with Abstraction Games at the helm

Surviving Mars sees new life with Abstraction Games at the helm

Everyone loves a good comeback story, and it appears we have that in the form of Surviving Mars. Following a few years without any noise, the city-building simulation has new life again, aside from being the latest free game on the Epic Games Store. As part of the announcements during the Paradox Insider event, Surviving Mars is now under the care of Abstraction Games, which takes over from Haemimont Games. With Abstraction Games now in charge, we can look forward to new updates, DLC, and expansions for Surviving Mars.

The first step is the upcoming free DLC for the game. Starting on March 15, you can start planning for tourism on Mars. The Tourism Update will allow visitors to rate their experience, and give you plaudits or criticisms accordingly. Build enough hotels, amusement parks, and even safaris, and you could be the next big thing.


This new update is a result of player feedback, according to Paradox Product Manager Magnus Lysell. The community has been vocal for new content that focuses on exploring Mars further, and more building options. It would seem that more player feedback is appreciated as Abstraction Games take the reins for Surviving Mars.

Planning for the future

More plans are in the works for the future of the game. Abstraction Games and Paradox are partnering up with modder Silva to touch up the housing in Surviving Mars. This will come in the form of dome DLC, with eight new buildings together with even more housing and community options. The In-Dome Buildings Pack will launch on Monday as well.

Lysell further teased fans with the news of an upcoming expansion for Surviving Mars slated for this year. Details are predictably scarce for that one at this moment.

The general sentiment is that Abstraction Games has a vision for Surviving Mars that the team is planning to bring to fruition, and the plans are undoubtedly ambitious.

It is definitely awesome to see development teams go back to something that is well loved by the community. Even with Surviving The Aftermath already out, Surviving Mars is still going strong, with more than five million players attempting to tame the red planet since its 2018 debut.

A fresh beginning

That kind of success would have players expecting support to be constant following release. However, that was not the case in the long-term. Development was brought to a halt following the Green Planet expansion in 2019.

While it is a shame that Haemimont Games won’t be involved with the new phase of Surviving MarsAbstraction Games seems like a good fit. The studio has been helping out with DLC and supporting other games, and the hope is that new life can be breathed into Surviving Mars.

For those hoping to see a crossover of sorts between Surviving Mars and Surviving The Aftermath, don’t hold your breath. Although Lysell mentioned that the teams do talk and share ideas, the games are separate. One can hope, I suppose.

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