If you are a fan of the roleplaying genre, then chances are, you have caught wind of Tale of Immortal on Steam. The Chinese RPG game first entered Early Access back in January, and has since amassed a healthy player base. The game has sold nearly two million copies in its first month, even though it is currently limited by its language options. Developer GuiGu Studio/鬼谷工作室 is aware of the potential success that awaits, and has formally begun the English localization for Tale of Immortal.

Starting next month, the localization efforts will kick off. Those interested to keep up with the process can do so via the Discord channel. The studio will provide updates on the translation progress mainly by this channel. A team member from the studio will also be on hand to answer urgent questions or bug reports. It is likely that fan feedback will be important to the localization efforts.


The RPG sandbox is currently only available in Simplified Chinese. Soon, more players around the world will be able to jump into its mystical tale. The game allows players to explore and experience Chinese mythology and the process of cultivation.

There are beasts from the Classic of Mountains and Season to contend with, plus many other characters. As you progress, you will make choices that can affect the story and transform the world. Instead of making wild choices, an English localization for Tale of Immortal will help players not familiar with the language.

Making progress

This development probably doesn’t come as too much of a surprise for members of the community. An English localization for Tale of Immortal seems like a given considering the game’s preliminary success. However, GuiGu Studio has needed to focus its development resources on improving stability and other aspects of the experience for its existing players. Now that the development team has a handle on things, the focus is on the future.

If you are already intrigued and cannot wait for the English localization, you can find Tale of Immortal on Steam now. Just be sure you have your translation app ready if you are not well-versed in Simplified Chinese.

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