Look out, everyone! The nefarious Team GO Rocket is trying
to get the drop on Pokémon
GO Trainers with a balloon invasion. By using this new mode of
transportation, these villains can now be encountered anywhere on the map.
You’ll face off against Team GO Rocket Grunts, Leaders, and maybe even Giovanni

If you see a Team GO Rocket balloon on the screen, simply
tap it and select your battle party, and you’ll take on a Team GO Rocket Grunt.
Like in other Team GO Rocket encounters, if you defeat these foes, you’ll have
the opportunity to rescue their Shadow Pokémon. Team GO Rocket opponents will
hover near you in their balloon for a limited amount of time, so be sure to tap
them before they fly away.

By equipping your Rocket Radar, you can discover Team GO
Rocket balloons that are carrying Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo. (If you don’t have
the Rocket Radar yet, keep battling Team GO Rocket Grunts until you have enough
Mysterious Components to create it.) These Team GO Rocket Leaders present a
more difficult challenge. If you’re hoping to encounter a specific Leader,
don’t be afraid to wait—another balloon carrying a different Leader might show
up later. Likewise, if you equip your Super Rocket Radar, you might discover
Giovanni’s balloon.

Train your Pokémon well, and prepare to take on these
airborne adversaries. And be on the lookout—this doesn’t seem like the last
we’re going to hear from Team GO Rocket.

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