Tekken 7 just keeps on selling. The Bandai Namco fighter has topped 6 million copies, making it a real juggernaut of the genre. And to celebrate, a new artwork has been released. Unlike previous celebratory pieces — which usually show the Tekken cast getting together for a big party — this one takes the coronavirus pandemic into account.

Many of the characters are still here, but they’re having to get together through a video call. There are loads of little details to pick out, and we can’t help but crack up every time we notice Alisa.

Tekken 7’s 6 million means that Tekken as a whole has now sold over 50 million copies, which is pretty impressive. Tekken 7 itself has been available on consoles for over three years now, and support for the game is still strong. Case in point: Season 4 was just detailed, with Kunimitsu returning to the fray as a DLC character.

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