As always, Max likes to take you by surprise when they challenge you to a Temtem battle. And if you’re not ready for them, their powerful team will wipe you out. This Temtem guide has all the info you need to be prepared for and win the battle with Max in Kisiwa. I’ll recommend some Temtem to use, tell you which Temtem Max uses, breakdown the matchups, and explain exactly how to beat them.

I’m about to reveal some info about the story, but it won’t spoil anything – other than when you fight Max. And that’s why you’re here, so I assume you want to know when and where the fight is. If you don’t want this one little spoiler that will help you beat Max, turn back now.

The first thing you need to know is when your former friend is going to ambush you. In your battle to free Kisiwa from Clan Belsoto, you’ll eventually make your way to Uhuru. The city is overrun with Belsoto minions and many of the paths are blocked. You will head southward, fighting Belsoto Temtem along the way. At the southernmost point of the city, by the city gate, Max will attack you.

When you pull that lever, Max will ambush you.

Which Temtem does Max use in Uhuru, Kisiwa?

Max will use his infamous Digital-type Temtem, Zaobian, which has been a pain in your backside since day one. He’ll also still be sporting his iconic Luma Barnshe. The new Temtem in his roster are Raican, Pocus, Nessla, and Tuvine.

Max’s Temtem are all between level 44 and 47. I used Temtem around level 42 to defeat them.

Recommended team to beat Max in Uhuru, Kisiwa

Two of the best Temtem to use in this battle with Max are Shuine and Grumper. These two hybrids can (technically) deal with everything Max throws at you. They won’t be able to because they will run out of STA (stamina) and HP (health). But they’ll take down more than their fair share first.

Shuine, Grumper, Drakash, Nessla

Shuine, Grumper, Drakash, and Nessla.

The new Kisiwa Temtem Drakash is another very solid option that I would strongly recommend you use. It’s the best Fire-type Temtem when it comes to SPATK (special attack) and it has high resistance against Fire, Crystal, and Lightning-type Techniques.

You should also bring along a Nessla with Electric Synthesize. It will soak up any extra Electric-type damage from Max’s Zaobian and Nessla. Plus, it’s lightning attacks are good against Pocus and Barnshe.

Honestly, you could beat Max with those four Temtem. So, your last two options are just to make sure you get the job done. Osukan, the Kisiwa Earth/Melee-type, will give you strong attacks if you keep it away from the Mental types. Either of the pure Earth-type Temtem released with Kisiwa will serve you well in the battle with Max – Kauren or Zizare. Otherwise, a Babawa can bring some potent Water and Earth Techniques to help secure victory.

How to beat Max in Uhuru, Kisiwa

Raican, Pocus, Zaobian

Raican, Pocus, and Zaobian.

Max will open with Raican and Pocus. Knowing this gives you a massive advantage in the battle. You can open with either Shuine and Grumper or with Drakash and Grumper. Pocus is Vulnerable to Electric-type attacks, so get Grumper to take it down immediately. If you open with Shuine, give it Ice Cubes to make it more resistant to Raican’s Fire-type attacks. Shuine can use Water-type Techniques to take down Raican easily. If you open with Drakash instead of Shuine, hit Raican with Mud Shower for an instant knockout – depending on your level.

When Max brings in his incredible Digital-type Temtem, Zaobian, you can use Grumper or Nessla’s Electric-type attacks to deal significant damage to it, while not taking much yourself. Shuine’s Water-type Techniques are also effective against Zaobian – if it is still on the field.

Nessla, Tuvine, Barnshe

Nessla, Tuvine, and Barnshe.

Max’s Nessla can be a little tricky to deal with. However, you have Shuine that can hit it with Crystal-type Techniques. If you brought along Babawa, which I recommend you do, you can use its Water Cutting Lily to take advantage of Nessla’s low DEF (defense) and weakness to Nature-types. Give Babawa the Lightning Rod to make it more resistant to Nessla’s Electric-type attacks.

The Luma Barnshe is the simplest Temtem to beat. Grumper or Nessla can hit it with an Electric-type Technique for 4x the usual amount of damage. That’s a guaranteed one-hit kill.

Finally, Max has their Tuvine. The best solution to this flying crystal problem is Drakash. Tuvine has incredibly high DEF, but very low SPDEF (special defense). Drakash has the highest SPATK of any Fire-type in the game. Plus, Crystal-types like Tuvine are vulnerable to Fire-types. It’s a matchup made in heaven. For you, not Max.

Defeated Max

That’s how you beat Max in Uhuru, Kisiwa. It’s a challenging battle, as battles with Max always are. Just don’t be too hard on them when you send them packing once again. If you’re reached this point, you’ve probably already beaten Musa in the Vumbi Dojo. If not, we have a guide for that. Keep your eyes on our Temtem guides and features hub, we’ll have some more Kisiwa content coming soon.

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