TerraGenesis: Space Settlers, the hit mobile planet terraforming simulator by Titling Point has joined hands with United Nations Environment Program backed Playing for the Planet Alliance and will be participating in the Green Game Jam initiative. June 5th will be celebrated as World Environment Day about 40 game studios will band together to raise awareness about climate change and the need to take action and protect our the Earth.

Different games made by different studios will implement saving the environment into their gameplay. TerraGensis will extend its already existing Ecology integration to create a permanent leaderboard that will display the number of trees planted by each user. The system will collect daily logins, ad views, number of missions completed, which all will count towards real trees being planted. Participating in quests will net players carbon impact points. This is a purely healthy competition whose only goal is to benefit the planet. While terraforming continues on other planets, a new event on TerraGenesis will focus on Earth in order to shed light on the current global food crisis. The need of the hour is biomass facilities such as soil farms, coastal habitation, green roofs, regenerative organic farming, and reforestation. Players will be challenged with numerous roadblocks like food wastage, deforestation, unnecessary meat production, and more, all of which must be combatted if the planet is to be saved from impending doom and starvation.

With the advancement of civilisation, it has become increasingly important to take a step back and protect the very planet all these feats have been achieved on. Even a simple competition between players on TerraGenesis can do wonders if everyone participates as it will benefit everyone in the longer run. Along with other game studios as well, a real difference can be made.

If you’re ready to get trees planted just by playing a mobile game, then download TerraGenesis: Space Settlers for free on the App Store and Google Play.
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