Students looking for a fun opportunity to compete, flex
their strategy and reasoning skills, and dive into the wonderful world of
Pokémon are in for a treat. The American Association of School Librarians, a
division of the American Library Association, has partnered with Pokémon to
present the After School Pokémon Club. With this program, students can enjoy
the camaraderie and educational opportunities in-person on their school campus.

After School Pokémon Clubs will meet once per week for an
hour. Participating students have access to tools to learn how to play the
Pokémon Trading Card Game, episodes of Pokémon the Series to watch, and
other fun activities and resources.

Students, if you’re interested in having an After School
Pokémon Club at your school, please talk with your school’s librarian.
Librarians and school coordinators, to form an After School Pokémon Club at
your school and obtain more information about the program, visit the American Association of School

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