The Valorant closed beta is underway and hopeful players have all turned their attention to Twitch in the hopes of getting an access drop. However, Riot Games continues to introduce agents to fans with videos on Twitter. The latest Valorant agent to flaunt his skills is Cypher, the Moroccan one-man surveillance network.

Cypher specializes in keeping tabs on his enemies. Using an array of abilities, he can reveal their locations and hinder their movement. His role in Valorant’s team composition is similar to Sova, but I think Cypher is even better at revealing the enemy’s movement. He’s certainly more subtle about it.

Valorant: Cypher’s abilities

With the Valorant closed beta dominating Twitch, most people have seen the agents in action. Here’s what you can expect from Cypher:

  • Cypher’s first ability is Trapwire. It’s a stealth tripwire that he can place on a wall and, when triggered, it’ll reveal and restrain the enemy for a short time. Players can pick up the Trapwire and redeploy it, though enemies can destroy the gadget too.
  • Cypher’s second ability, Cyber Cage, is more about hindering enemies than tracking them. The cage can be thrown on the floor and then activated to create a zone that blocks vision while slowing down enemies in the area.
  • His Signature ability is Spycam and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Cypher can fire a camera onto a surface and then use the ability again to activate let him see what the camera is seeing. The Spycam can also fire a tracking dart at enemies, revealing their location.
  • Cypher’s Ultimate ability lets you press your advantage when you take down an opponent. You can use it to instantly scan a dead enemy in your crosshairs and reveal all enemies left alive.

Tracking down enemies

Speaking of surveillance and dealing with baddies. Paul Chamberlain, the anti-cheat lead for Valorant, revealed that the first cheater has been banned from the game. This quick response from the Valorant team will be a promising sign for honest players and very much in line with the commitment Riot made when it unveiled the game.

Do you like what you’re seeing from Valorant so far? What do you think of Riot’s latest offering and Cypher’s abilities? Let us know.

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