Developer Happy Volcano’s The Almost Gone is an intriguing narrative puzzler where you’ll analyse a series of stylish dioramas to uncover the dark truth behind your strange predicament. You see, for whatever reason, you find yourself trapped between life and death.

Beginning in your own home, you’ll forensically analyse every inch of your surroundings for clues, before moving on out into the abandoned streets, apartment blocks, and eventually a sinister hospital. These clues paint a picture of your life before the incident that led you to be trapped in what appears to be limbo.

There are five distinct chapters to work your way through, each offering a drip-feed of strange twists and turns to process. Interestingly, The Almost Gone is a collaborative project between Happy Volcano, award-winning author Joost Vandecasteele, and sound designer Yves De Mey, who also worked on the excellent, Oscar-nominated Bullhead.

As is often the case with indie passion projects, this one’s been quite a long time coming, having first caught our attention all the way back in 2017 when it came in second place at the Big Indie Pitch in Brighton.
If The Almost Gone is a mystery you’d like to crack, you’ll find it available for pre-order now from over on the App Store and Google Play.

It’s launching on June 25th, and it’ll be a premium title priced at $6.99 normally, but a sizable 30% launch discount brings it down to $3.99. The Nintendo Switch version is $14.99, with a 20% launch discount lowering it to $11.99.

Publisher Playdigious also recently announced that another of its upcoming narrative adventures, Arrog, is set to launch on July 22nd for mobile. Both The Almost Gone and Arrog have definitely piqued my interest, and I’m looking forward to giving them a go later this year.
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