The era of cyberpunk may have truly arrived. Nope, I am not talking about a certain game from a certain Polish developer. Rather, following its debut at the Inside Xbox event, Neon Giant’s The Ascent is bringing the arcade-shooter back with a healthy dose of action role-playing. A Steam listing states it is “Coming in 2020.”

Survive the onslaught

After seeing the trailer, one could be forgiven for thinking this was the work of Housemarque. After all, the studio did make its name with the genre, but Neon Giant’s project is hopefully taking it to another level. An overhead co-op shooter set in a futuristic world, all hell breaks loose when the mega-corporation “that owns you and everyone” collapses mysteriously.

When the survival of your district is threatened, it’s up to you to stop rival corporations and crime syndicates from seizing control – by any means necessary. As an action RPG, the developers view it as “a real love letter to the sci-fi and cyberpunk worlds” that they grew up with. Players can expect to explore a variety of locations. These range from deep slums to the more luxurious reaches of the world. Loot enemies for better gear, and outfit yourself with the best cyberwear available. Better yet, enjoy The Ascent with a party of up to four players in both local and online co-op.

The future awaits

The visual elements are another big selling point of The Ascent. A gorgeous world awaits with bright lights and distinct cyberpunk influences. The destructible environments are also a big plus. Everyone would want to make their mark, be it on enemies or the world.

“One of the things that sets The Ascent apart from the crowd is the way it blends its cyberpunk elements with more traditional sci-fi tropes,” said Jack Gosling, senior digital marketing manager at Curve Digital. “Near-future humans mix with outlandish aliens in densely packed cities where anything is possible. Much like classics Mass Effect and Halo, it’s a balance that celebrates its fantasy feel whilst keeping the gameplay grounded and satisfying.”

The Ascent Is A Cocktail Of Cyberpunk Goodness With Action Rpg Elements (3)

The world is colorful and interesting; the action is bombastic and already feels awesome. There is simply too much to love about The Ascent. All we need to do is wait.

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