The best 4K gaming monitor in 2020

The best 4K gaming monitor in 2020

The best 4K gaming monitors may be demanding of your gaming PC, but if you want the level of detail a 3840 x 2160 resolution can offer, then you need a mix of the top panel technology and the latest high-end gaming features. That means we want a VA or IPS screen, a refresh rate above the 60Hz baseline, and have some form of frame-syncing capability, whether that’s G-Sync or FreeSync.

But while 4K gaming is still relatively niche, and many of the best gaming monitors are more than a valid alternative, the best 4K gaming monitors are becoming ever more accessible to us PC gamers. No longer are they either ultra expensive or just TN displays, there is a world of high-quality 4K screens out there just waiting to have the glorious vistas of Red Dead Redemption 2 writ large across them.

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