One of the best CPU coolers will likely reduce your CPU temperatures dramatically, especially when compared with the cereal-box freebie often chucked in with your chip. Whether you prefer the soothing sounds of a liquid cooling all-in-one pump, or the various heat pipes and fin stacks of an air cooler, we’ve got just the recommendation for you.

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These are the current best CPUs for gaming to build your rig around.

There are essentially two types of CPU coolers to choose from. The first is an air cooler, which has a big metal heat sink, normally with a huge fan, that pulls air away from your processor. You’ll need to check a few things before settling on an air cooler: CPU socket type, RAM clearance, and your PC case’s dimensions. If you’ve found a good fit, however, CPU fans are often the quieter choice—the volume should be noted on the box and this is certainly something you should check before committing to a purchase.

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