Picking the best graphics card for your next upgrade or gaming PC build is arguably your most important decision. When it comes to it the GPU is probably the component people give the most thought to. But, as is turns out, it’s not an easy thing to decide. The best graphics card for your gaming PC might be a performance per dollar 1080p hero, or it might deliver 4K at a pretty penny, there’s no telling until you ask yourself the question: how much cash can I afford to spend on a new GPU? The equation is pretty simple: the more money you spend on a new graphics card, the more gaming performance you’ll be able to squeeze out of it.

You also need to make sure your CPU is up to the task. A weak processor will hamstring your pricey GPU’s performance, and you don’t want that. Right now, you shouldn’t worry about dealing with Multi-card SLI or crossfire since very few games support multi-GPU setups these days, and the performance boost is often marginal even they do support it. 

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