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Multiplayer games have had a particularly important role this last year, as so much of the year was spent indoors away from our friends and family. WIth multiplayer games, you can still connect with other humans, despite being far away, and interact and play with them. For me, multiplayer games have been a great way to know that other people are still around and doing things, despite the fact that we can’t quite go out yet. That’s why it was important for us to get down our list of the best new mobile multiplayer games of 2020; So you can see the games that have kept us going this year.

As you’ll likely know, the selection of multiplayer games out there is massive. There are so many games out there now where you can play, co-operatively or against one another, over the internet (or locally, of course), and that connectivity is the thing that separates them from the rest.

Multiplayer games require your WiFi or mobile data if you’re going to play with others from around the world, but beyond that, they come in a mass of different varieties. Some are real-time, others are turn-based and some are even turn-based ‘play-by-mail’ style, where great lengths of time can pass between turns. There are so many out there that I’m sure that you’ll already have, or be able to find, one to enjoy. 

So without further delay, head on through the list to find out what the best new mobile multiplayer games of 2020 were.


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