It has only been a couple days since Square Enix dropped Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139the remake of an 11-year-old game. While fans of the series definitely have plenty of reasons to enjoy the game, it is not without some significant problems, to say the least. That being said, compared to the original game, this remake is definitely much better. However, in a more contemporary context, the constantly fluctuating frame rates are annoying, while the mouse pointer seems to have a bad habit of reappearing at the weirdest of times. On top of that, our technical review demonstrates even more issues. Thankfully, the community is already working on fixes for the Nier Replicant PC port.

Expecting developers to do their job when it comes to giving us proper gaming experiences is a baseline, but sometimes we know that is somehow not possible. This is where the invested and supportive community comes into play. With the help of others more skilled in this area, the PC port of Nier Replicant can be made better in a multitude of ways.


The Special K injectable will be the remedy for many of the port’s problems. It will cover the annoying mouse cursor issue, disable PS4 HID input to reduce stuttering, let players set their own framerate limits, and disable internal V-sync.

If the framerates remain an issue for you, consider the Nier Replicant High FPS Fix mod. This will let you run the game at over 60 fps.


The framerate issue is of particular importance in terms of fixes when it comes to Nier Replicant. If your monitor happens to have refresh rates over 60Hz, your framerate will affect specific animations. If the game exceeds 60 fps, you could be looking at a speeding character in Nier Replicant. For sections that might require a more precise touch, that is utterly annoying and unacceptable.

Regardless, we sort of expected all these problems from the PC port of Nier Replicant, which is kind of sad. Players hoping for Square Enix to pick up the slack are eternal optimists at this point. After all, an upgrade patch for Nier: Automata only arrived after four long years of waiting. The development team really needs to do better.

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