Every game tends to put its own stamp on things. Sometimes similarities can even tie different games together which are appropriate for crossovers. That is not to say that weird combinations do not exist. Just look at the Rick and Morty crossover in Rainbow Six Siege. If you are looking for something that makes a little more sense though, Techland is partnering up with Facepunch Studios for a crossover that brings Rust content to Dying Light for a limited-time event.

Starting from today to April 26 at 1 PM ET, players will be able to obtain Rust-themed weapons and skins in Dying Light. New weapons such as the Salvaged Cleaver and Rust Assault Rifle are all part of the mix. These new toys should come in handy against the undead hordes, now bolstered by the new enemy types such as the Outpost Scientists and the new Bucket Helmet zombie.


The Rust and Dying Light crossover event is adding new objectives as well. Available in both local and global variants, Research Bounties will earn you Gold Blueprint upgrades for the Rust weapon set.

As for the global objectives, hunting down Air Drops, raiding Outposts, and eliminating bandits will go towards a community effort to unlock the Gold Fire, Gold Freezing, and Gold Poison C4 Dockets.

Making a killing

To ensure players have enough targets to help complete the various objectives, the Rust and Dying Light crossover event will feature bolstered enemy presences. Both zombies and bandits will be more than happy to offer some resistance. Be sure to keep yourself safe and moving at all times.

As a sweetener, players can also access the free Rust bundle to get some new skins that are inspired by the survival game. Nobody says you can’t look good while trying to survive the undead hordes. Hopefully it will be enough to satiate fan bloodlust for Dying Light 2. At least temporarily.

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