Last week, Snoop Dogg committed what may well be the single greatest ragequit of all time. After getting his secondary exposed by a long touchdown pass in Madden 20, Snoop pounds the table, tosses out a few expletives, and disappears into the bowels of his mansion. The stream was left running for seven hours in total silence, before tha Doggfather finally returned to shut it off. This sequence was immediately enshrined in the Twitch Hall of Fame—right next to the Resident Sleeper incident and the collaborative Twitch Plays Pokémon. From now until eternity, all ragequits will be compared to the shining moment when Snoop failed to tackle Randy Moss.

Here at PC Gamer we are no strangers to throwing a strop. Following Snoop’s stellar example, we were inspired to compile some other notable ragequits. (Sadly all the undocumented examples of punching your little brother in the arm after they somehow scammed a win will be lost in time, which is probably for the best.) Remember folks, it’s just a game.

 Tyler1 (Dark Souls III)

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