There are two speedrunners who are on top of the world right now, and by that I mean literally the Hitman 3 level On Top of the World, the game’s first level, which Any% speedrunners have completed in a truly shocking nine (9) seconds. The secret? Run forward and shoot your gun.

Speedrunner Wreak finished the level in 9 seconds on January 22nd, followed by Der_Lauch_Linus on the 23rd. The speedy completion is due to the level’s funky architecture. The Dubai level takes place on the top floors of a skyscraper, and in the moments after the start of the level both targets are visible on balconies above Agent 47’s starting point. So you move quick, aim well, and shoot them both in seconds. You can watch Wreak’s record run here and Der_Lauch_Linus’ record here. Bonus points to Wreak for wearing a sillier costume than Linus. These are Any% runs, which means that they simply have to complete the objectives by’s rules.

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