The iconic Minecraft world of the "Pack.png" image has been found

The iconic Minecraft world of the “Pack.png” image has been found

An elaborate, supercomputer-powered project has found the world seed where Minecraft’s iconic Pack.png image exists, thanks to a comprehensive search by fans. To be precise, a core team of seven Minecraft fans used several NVIDIA DGX-2 Supercomputers to trawl the 230-some trillion possible Minecraft worlds for an exact location that only existed within a static image. The Pack.png image is possibly the most-seen image in all of Minecraft fandom, because it’s the texture pack image for the default look of Minecraft.

A world seed is a specific string of numbers that generates a unique Minecraft world, and the world in which the Pack.png screenshot was taken was not known. Earlier this year, a similar project hunted for the world of Minecraft’s original title screen. Unlike that project, the majority of this project was undertaken using supercomputers, rather than the distributed computing method of Minecraft@Home. It was, however, the Minecraft@Home project that found the seed in the end, though only 5% of possible world seeds were searched with it.

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