There are two additional tasks that you can do as part of Genshin Impact‘s Hues of the Violet Garden event. These involve taking more pictures to complete a poem. Here’s our Genshin Impact The Moon and Stars Inscribe guide to help you with the objectives and poem stanzas for Day 2 and Day 3.

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Genshin Impact The Moon and Stars Inscribe guide for Day 2 and Day 3

Day 2 task and poem

As usual, make sure that you’ve already completed the initial requirement for The Moon and Stars Inscribe in Genshin Impact. Once that’s done, you can visit Ootomo and Lenne in Ritou’s docks. You’ll be told that you need to take pictures of animals that are native to Inazuma.

A fairly quick way of doing this is by visiting the Fishing Spots in the region. Several kinds of fish here can only be found in Inazuma, allowing you to increase your tally. Other examples include crystalflies and crabs (i.e., the purple types). The tanuki in various areas might also count since they’re animals, but I wasn’t able to confirm that because I had already finished the task.

As for the poem, I chose this line:


Imagine all the lakes and seas we could have gone roaming

Genshin Impact Moon And Stars Inscribe Day 2 Day 3 Inazuma Animals Mondstadt Specialties 1b

Day 3 task and poem

For The Moon and Stars Inscribe Day 3 task, you’ll need to take pics of Mondstadt specialties. This means cooking ingredients or character ascension materials for peeps that hail from Mondstadt. Examples include Philanemo Mushroom, Small Lamp Grass, Dandelion Seed, Valberry, Windwheel Aster, Cecilia, and more.

Gen Pct Hsvgd Mnsinc D2 1

When you’re done, talk to Ootomo and Lenne to see the stanza choices. I picked this option:

‘Tis the first stride in search of the wind

On an unknown path, a journey unfolds

This unlocks the first requirement, the “Parting”-themed poem, for your free Xingqiu. In any case, that does it for The Moon and Stars Inscribe activity in Genshin Impact. Don’t forget to look at the Event Details panel to collect your rewards. Lastly, you can now do the new version of the Theater Mechanicus.

Gen Pct Hsvgd Mnsinc D2 2


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