The New Pokémon Event Manager Has Arrived

Pokémon Event Manager (PEM) is a new application for tracking Play! Pokémon
sanctioned competitions. It’s available as early-access software for Professors
and Tournament Organizers so they can explore and become familiar with it.

the new PEM, organizers will be able to create new tournaments directly from
within the software itself, making it easier and faster to set up events. PEM
will also have online Player ID verification when it’s connected to the
internet. These are just some of the exciting features to check out, and many
more are on the way.

will replace the existing Tournament Operations Manager (TOM) software as soon
as live Play! Pokémon events resume. For the time being, Professors and
Organizers can use PEM to practice creating dummy events and uploading results
using player accounts generated just for testing purposes.

current version does not support larger tournaments, such as the Regional
Championships, but that functionality and other related features will be
available before those events take place next.

PEM is
under continual development, so look forward to regular updates that improve
functionality and add features to this software. If you are a Professor or
Tournament Organizer and have questions about this software, feel free to reach
out to Pokémon Support.

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