The Strongest Most Broken Build In Elden Ring You Will Ever See
On a day where I wasn’t playing Elden Ring, I was watching Elden Ring YouTube videos and I came across this video called “Malenia, blade of miquella in 37 seconds at RL1”. This video was not clickbait, the build was just that powerful even at level 1. So I decided to look into the build. I wanted to see the true potential of the build. This is probably the strongest build in Elden Ring you will ever see. Keep in mind that all of the bosses I fight are in NG+

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
1:12 – Build
1:59 – Grafted Scion
3:11 – Margit
3:53 – Godrick
4:19 – Red Wolf Of Radagon
4:37 – Rennala
5:36 – Draconic Tree Sentinel
6:07 – Great Value Godfrey
6:29 – Morgott
6:51 – Fire Giant
8:13 – Godskin Duo
10:08 – Maliketh
11:07 – Gideon
11:26 – Godfrey
12:29 – Radagon and Elden Beast
14:07 – Outro

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