CS:GO Majors create champions, they bring our community together and they birth moments that become etched in the collective memory of Counter-Strike.

So is it any surprise then that we finally decided to put together a list of what we think are the top 10 kills in Major history.

Things to know before before watching this video: to be considered for this list, the play has to include at least one direct kill, so no Dosia grenade, for example. It has to have a lasting place in CS:GO history, it has to have mattered in the game in happened in at the time, and of course, it has to be sick as hell.

Now with all that out of the way, here it is: the top 10 CS:GO Major kills of all-time.

Courtesy List:

Written by Stefan Lee (@ixtailstef) and Simmy Fong (@Sifolyy)
Edited by Simmy Fong
Hosted and voiced by Colin McNeil (@McNeilColin)

Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).

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