The sheer size of Valheim’s world can make your Viking feel quite small in comparison. Luckily, there’s now a way to make your Valheim character swole. Galactically swole! So big you tower over your own base, even. And don’t you deserve to be a freakishly huge Viking? The answer is yes.

BoneMod for Valheim “allows you to customize your character’s bones,” something we’d all like to do to our typically unalterable bones. By entering commands in the chat pane, you can scale and stretch your standard-issue Viking skeleton to your heart’s desire. Want a giant head? Just make your skull bone enormous. Want hands the size of boulders? The mod can do that too. Want to make yourself taller, but also sort of narrow so you’re a bit confusing to look at, or want your upper body so big it dwarfs your house? This mod’s gotchu because you can adjust your bones in all three dimensions.

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