This gaming PC with an RTX 2080 is on sale for $1,270

This gaming PC with an RTX 2080 is on sale for $1,270

Nvidia technically released its new GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card two months ago, but the card has been almost impossible to find in stock since then. However, PC manufacturers are still looking to get rid of their gaming PCs with older GPUs, which means opportunistic sales for us. You can now get an MSI Aegis gaming desktop with an RTX 2080 graphics card for $1,270 at Newegg, making it one of the cheapest pre-built PCs we’ve ever seen with an RTX 2080, and currently the least-expensive option on Newegg.

The model on sale has an Intel Core i7-9700F processor, which is now one generation out of date, but still packs 8 cores and 8 threads with a maximum clock speed of 4.7GHz. You also get 16GB of 3,000MHz RAM (2x8GB), a 1TB SSD of unknown type for storage, a 650W power supply, a Z370 “Gaming Plus” motherboard (presumably this one from MSI, though the product page leaves out the maker). Pre-built gaming PCs typically have one or two strange or cheaply-made components that can spoil the package, like a low-power PSU or single-channel memory, but there doesn’t appear to be any trickery here.

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