The hour of Pokemon Rumble Rush’s death draws near. Yes, the game will go offline at 01:59 UTC (18:59 PST), never to return. While I can’t imagine that Rumble Rush was anyone’s favourite Pokemon game, it’s nevertheless sad to see it being taken out back and shot just over a year after its launch.

News of its impending demise arrived in April, which was also when the game’s premium currency, Poke Diamonds, were removed from sale. Those with any leftover Diamonds should eventually be refunded in full.

Dave wasn’t particularly sold on Rumble Rush when he shared his thoughts last May, saying “Pokemon Rumble Rush can be fun, it can require strategy, and it can keep you coming back for a while. But it’s also intensely repetitive.”

Despite Rumble Rush’s death, other Pokemon games are still going strong on mobile, including Pokemon GO, Masters, and Cafe Mix. We’ve also got that strange toothbrushing app. Basically, if you’re a Pokemon fan with a phone, there are plenty of other titles to spend your time on.
Still, it’s sad to see any game shut down so soon after launch. As I said back in April, there are no doubt plenty of players who’ve stuck with it since last May and will be upset to see it go.

If you’re quick, you might just be able to play for a couple of hours before it’s gone for good. You’ll find Pokemon Rumble Rush available for download from the App Store and Google Play – for now, at least.
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